Inspired by the classic English clothbound cheddars, Georgia Gold is our most popular cheese. After cheddaring, salting, and pressing, we wrap the 30-pound truckles in cheesecloth and paint the exteriors with pork lard. With periodic flipping and brushing, Georgia Gold tends to be beautifully developed at five months, but we let a select few age for a year or more. When ready to eat, Georgia Gold has a crumbly texture with a brothy flavor. As the cheese ages, little bits of crunch can be savored in each bite. 

We are proud to be the only cheddar handmade in the state of Georgia.

Pairings: Prosciutto, Pickled Okra, Apple Chips, Malty Ales, Oaked Cabernet Sauvignon, Bourbon

Awards:  Winner – 2014 Good Food Award; Grand Champion – 2014 Flavor of Georgia; Gold Medal – 2014 World Jersey Cheese Championship, South Africa

 Ingredients:  Raw Cow’s Milk, Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian), Cultures & Salt. The exterior of the cheesecloth is painted with pork lard.

GFI Item Number: 1687