Elberton Blue is a natural-rind blue cheese with a firm, yet crumbly, texture.  Aged for at least 60 days, Elberton Blue is handmade and hand-pierced.  Like the blue-collar town where the recipe was developed, this cheese is a blue for everyone.  While some people like a really bold blue cheese, the fact that Elberton Blue is not as strong as some others makes it approachable to a larger group of cheese lovers. We cannot count the number of times people told us they did not like blue cheese and instantly recanted once they tasted Elberton Blue.

Pairings:  Late Harvest Riesling, Stout, Drizzled Honey, Fig Preserves, Chocolate

Awards:  Third Award- 2015 United States Cheese Championship; Finalist – 2014 Good Food Award; Silver Medal – 2014 World Jersey Cheese Championship, South Africa

Ingredients: Raw Cow’s Milk, Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian), Cultures, & Salt

GFI Item Number: 1688

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