Named after the state flower of Georgia, Cherokee Rose showcases the best qualities of our local cow's milk. It has a soft, creamy texture with flavors of fresh sweet milk and a tangy finish. 

Cherokee Rose is a washed-curd, washed-rind cheese.  Washing the curds with water during the cheese-making process results in a less acidic cheese and a cheese body that is sweet and creamy when young. During its 60 to 70 days of aging, Cherokee Rose is frequently washed by hand with a homemade brine solution, and a reddish, edible rind forms on the surface of the cheese. The paste of this lovely cheese is the color of butter and melts beautifully. 

Although it has been compared by cheesemongers to a Raclette, Cherokee Rose is an original recipe.  

Pairings:  Belgian Pale Ale, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Apricot Preserves, Melted over Roasted Potatoes

Awards:  Finalist - 2016 Flavor of Georgia

Ingredients:  Raw Cow’s Milk, Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian), Cultures & Salt

GFI Item Number: 1685