Life has presented a different course to us.

Last summer we packed our family up and moved to Berlin, Germany for a new career opportunity.  While we miss making our Southern Aged cheeses and working with the best chefs and retailers in the Southeast, cheese remains close to our hearts.  

We are now just on the other side of the cheese counter and loving our new cheese and food experiences every day.


Mark was born in Wisconsin to a cheese-loving family who enjoyed fresh curds on the shore of Lake Nagawicki in the summer and plates of local Gouda, Muenster and Colby Jack at every family gathering. Even after moving to his maternal family's tobacco farm in South Carolina, gift boxes of cheese always arrived from the Yankee grandparents at Christmas and other special occasions. A beautiful cheese plate became synonymous with the holidays and celebrating with family. Later living around the world in places like Madrid, Oxford, Cologne, Prague, Melbourne and Salzburg, discovering and enjoying the local cheese became a fun and meaningful way of connecting to the local culture as well as the cuisine. 

Julie began to appreciate the preparation of beautiful food while living in Australia and embraced fully the Aussies' love for all things local and artisanal.  By poring over Australian food magazines, taking professional cooking courses in Melbourne, and working at a winery in Victoria, Julie's journey into thoughtful food began.  She then carried this with her on her journey with Mark into Austria, evolving to love Alpine food (and cheese) centered in local farming and tradition.